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the erratic course of life

The Schicksal Project

Schicksal — Destiny — Lotsbestemming

This not public page is a preliminary exploration to the possibilities whether to launch The Schicksal Project*; L.J.A.D. Creyghton’s new historical—literary—photographic project based on the erratic course of life of the eight Jewish people in hiding in The Secret Annex as described by Anne Frank in Het AchterhuisThe Diary of a Young Girl.

* Schicksal | Destiny | Lotsbestemming

Anne Frank (1929—1945)

born in Frankfurt, raised in Amsterdam, deceased in BergenBelsen

diagram of the erratic course of life | Anne Frank


The Anne Frank family’s hiding place at Prinsengracht 263 may well be one the best-known canal houses in Amsterdam. During WW II, the Frank’s family, the Van Pels family and mr. Fritz Pfeffer lived in hiding in The Secret Annex for over 2 years. It is here where Anne wrote her world famous diary. 

This human interest photo project focusses on the story of the erratic course of life of the eight inhabitants of the Secret Annex. Their Schicksal could be seen as metaphorical for all persecuted and oppressed people in our world. The merry-go-round of L I F E is unpredictable … 

The Schicksal Project affects the social function of art in its most relevant form; the combination of image and word to make things visible, tangible and empathic and to connect past with present. The photographs will be storytelling, the essays will reveil direct parallels from past to present. 

The Diary | Ⓒ photo: Anne Frank Stichting, Amsterdam

aim | shaping society ‒ shaping diversity

Collective History

Our collective history determines not only the past but also our future. The project aims to highlight an important part of our recent history through the panoramic landscapes and perspective of well-known landscape photographer L.J.A.D. Creyghton and an acclaimed German author XXXXX. (we’re in the process of selection)

Photography as a tool and storytelling medium

Photography is one of the most popular media among young people. Millions of photographs are made and uploaded to social media every day. This popularity makes a project like this, apart from the interest of a wide audience — young and old, all gender, all races and most religions — particularly accessible to young adults. The focus of this project is to reach them in particular so they might identify themselves with one of the eight people in hiding, their erratic course of life and learn the line between prosecuting and being persecuted is extremely thin … 

The Aim | Shaping Society – Shaping Diversity

The aim of this project is to use photography and prose as a medium to address social questions, thereby rescuing them from obscurity and|or casting them in a different light. Working from a historical perspective, crossovers are created between history, the visual arts and the written word. In doing this we hope to initiate a consciousness-raising process and to contribute to keep questioning important current themes and social issues.

Educational Program

In cooperation with experts in the field of education, we develop a solid educational program that appeals to young students and motivates them to determine and adopt their own views in current social themes and issues, to form an opinion and take decisive position against anti-Semitism, discrimination, populism, racism, persecution and xenophobia. Through empathetic ability and co-humanity we color the world a little more beautiful, more understanding and more livable.


With The Schicksal Project we want to be an eye-opener. We strive to initiate an awareness process for a mixed audience where no one is excluded and to connect to important themes and contemporary social issues in which we question the pluralism of our society. We strive for cross-pollination; with visions and impact of other cultures & thoughts that prevent us from looking with blinkers.

Hindenburgline Project | workshop with high school students
remains of grenades on the Ypres Battefields
rehearsal for the Final Evening with students orchestra
educational program | Final Evening @ De Pont museum
educational program | Sunday afternoon Lecture @ De Pont museum

town squares & parks

The Schicksal Project is a literary photo project with an educational mission to reach young people in particular. A project that connects the past with the present by photographing the ultimate public spaces — town squares and parks — and describing their historical and current context.

Photographing takes place in those cities or villages where the eight people in hiding from The Secret Annex once have been because they were born, raised, or studied, worked, lived or died there. The parallels between History and Present are not only made perceptible through the photographic works of Creyghton; illuminating essays by an acclaimed and leading German author guarantee the substantive substantiation.

images: L.J.A.D. Creyghton | Quaevis Terra Patria-series 2011 | top: Leuven – Park Abbey | bottom: Tilburg – annual fair

why town squares & parks?

Squares and parks by definition are the ultimate public spaces of a city or village. They are meeting places accessible to everyone; without distinction of person, without distinction of rank, status or gender, without distinction of religion or political affiliation. They are places where we come together to celebrate life, to party, to commemorate, to mourn. They are the locations where we go for our traditional markets, meetings, commemorations, celebrations, victory parades and hero’s welcome events.

With high certainty, the people in hiding of The Secret Annex were once at these places. The photographer will follow their footsteps to capture what remains of the time of yore. He tries to look through their eyes and links history with the present; are there any landmarks or visible traces left in those public spaces as e.g. Anne Frank or Fritz Pfeffer would have seen it.

The photographer is planning to visit approximately 50 places in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, the U.K. and the USA to capture the town squares and parks.

images: L.J.A.D. Creyghton | Quaevis Terra Patria-series 2011 | from top to bottom: Deventer | Brussels | Helmond | Antwerp

where | locations:

project | modules:


In order to reach a substantial public– and target audience, an exhibition of the large size photographic works is planned in one of the finest German musea | public spaces. 

In essence, the erratic course of life of eight German citizens who had to flee their country in the context of events in the 1930s and 1940s is leading. The Diary of Anne Frank has inadvertently made them world famous.

Despite their later statelessness  the eight Jewish people in hiding in The Secret Annex were actually German citizens whose “Heimat” was the Federal Republic of Germany and whose families were deeply rooted IN and had a very long relationship WITH the country. This fact and because ALL of them were born in Germany and died there (except for mr Otto Frank) and the fact that there’s a huge potential audience to be reached, these facts are the reasons for focusing on the positioning of the Schicksal Project in Germany. 

We are currently investigating the options.

2016 | summer exhibition | Hindenburgline Project at De Pont museum of modern art, Tilburg, The Netherlands |  25.000+ visitors

book & app

To reach a substantial amount of high-school students and young adults we look forward in producing an APP for mobile phone and | or tablet. This way we can be assured people can get information on The Schicksal Project. Anytime. Anywhere.


QR Codes | Layar

By adding ‘augmented reality’ to pages, the physical book is digitally exploited and substantially expanded in content. With QR codes or Layar (https://www.layar.com) the content can be scanned and retrieved. Including extra (background) information, images, film and sound. So the book becomes such an interesting option because it allows you to keep up with current events. This gives the book an interactive and sustainable function.




Hindenburgline Project | APP
Hindenburgline Project | ISBN 9789047621119 | Rubinstein Publishers Amsterdam
Hindenburgline Project | German-English edition

educational program

Lessons & Workshops

Through lectures and workshops and use of book, app and exhibition as starting points for an extensive educational program for interested groups and students in secondary and higher education. The photographer has valuable experience in education and information transfer; since 1996 Creyghton is a professor at the Academy of Arts & Design St. Joost in the Netherlands and contributed to many workshops and lessons in the visual arts.

Lesson materials

We develop lesson materials for students from secondary and higher education. It will consist of a pdf file with interactive elements in which, through visual art, photography, the spoken and written word, the Schicksal Project is subject for research and discussion. We will be assisted by experts in education development in compiling the contents of the educational program.

images: Paul Joosten, Tilburg | Hindenburgline Project | Educational Program 2016

the authors

the photographer

“L.J.A.D. Creyghton is an acclaimed Dutch landscape photographer with a long track record. At dusk or at dawn, when the light paints the landscape, one can find him on ridges, in the middle of meadows or along streams and forest edges. His ‘classic’ pictures show us not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the elusiveness and it’s richness. They force us exactly where to look and to take time. The photographer tries to get closer to the genius loci of places and shows that his quest means waiting, listening and very good observation.” Margriet Kemper / Pels & Kemper Publishers ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL

L.J.A.D. Creyghton [Apeldoorn|NL|1954]is a photographer  visual artist. He works on long term projects with history is an added layer to his images. He is affiliated as a professor at the Academy of Arts & Design St.Joost in the Netherlands. He lives and works in the south of Holland, exhibits in his homeland and abroad and is represented in various public and private collections.

the author

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent sit amet lorem dignissim purus aliquet ullamcorper vitae eu ex. Integer justo massa, congue vitae eros quis, malesuada efficitur” Resencent Trouw

XXXX XXXXXXXX [Berlin|Germany|1970] is a writer and historian living in Berlin. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent sit amet lorem dignissim purus aliquet ullamcorper vitae eu ex. Integer justo massa, congue vitae eros quis, malesuada efficitur dui. Sed ut hendrerit massa. Donec mollis enim at ante feugiat sollicitudin. Suspendisse potenti. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse eget augue porttitor, ullamcorper metus ac, rutrum ante. Vivamus sed augue ut ipsum congue lobortis et condimentum turpis. 

the photographer
the author

partners | support | fellow workers | contributors

support concept | project development: 
Anne Frank Stichting – Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, NL

Jes van der Bijl, Haaren | assisant
Paul Joosten, Tilburg | assistant

Anne Habermann, Berlin | Schicksal Projekt concept | translation Dutch – German
Waltraud Hüsmert, Berlin | Schicksal Project concept | 2nd reader & editorial advice


download full concept pdf | Dutch

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